Media & Audio 

Our Mission:
The Media Ministry seeks to carry the Word of GOD and Deliverance beyond the walls of the church.

The Media Ministry encompasses our television broadcasts, radio broadcasts, web-based broadcasts, and technical support in the areas of audio, video, sound, and lighting. Our goal is to bring a great picture and sound for all broadcasts so that the Word of God flows freely, and everyone tuned in can receive the Word of GOD without technical interruption.
Digital Design /Marketing Publications: All print material for the Church. Provides approval for all publications to be used by all ministries departments before it is sent out to the general public. Also responsible for Cyber Space: Website; Blogs, Internet announcements.

Audio/Video: Recording the services for television broadcast

Photography: Take pictures before, during, and after services that capture the Shekinah Glory’s Mission and Core Values.

Social Media: Posting and updates on all social media platforms that align with the Word of God and Shekinah Glory’s mission and core values